Monday, 25 June 2018

Bendy Secret’s


In chapter two their is a room with the floor flooded with ink. Turn around so you don’t trigger a jump scare. Keep walking until you stop turn around you should be a door. Listen and look at the door you hear whistling. People know where the whistling comes from mickey mouse episode. could boatman bob episode It was from the 1900’s.

The Moving Pictures

In chapter 1 if you go to your old work desk their used to be a boarded up room with stars. But now in the new update its a room were the animators made the cartoons. If you look in the far corner desk look at the image then remember it and then go. then come back then it will change. In the old boarded up room you needed to do a few task then its opens then its a bendy thats says “wandering is a terrible sin.” But here's a easier way to get in. YOU HACK!

The Boss Fight

In chapter 2 there will be a part when you need to take a valve off a searcher. When you kill him go back to spawn. There will be a boss searcher with a miners helmet. And if you want to kill him a creative way go back to the place you killed the other searcher. But make sure he follows you. Because he can glitch. When he gets under a wooden elevator crush him. Then it makes a bendy jumpscares view when it goes black and white and look like and old tv. And a noise echo in the game until you die it sounds like an earthquake.
Tommy Gun
In chapter 3 you have to choose the ink demons path. And there will be a room behind books. You can change ink into things. and choose the ink machine then go to alice angels room and do her task and make sure you don’t get killed by bendy and when you finish all of her task go back to her room and a cabinet will open with a tommy gun. If you don’t change the ink into the machine when you get the tommy gun it will fade away but if you choose the machine you can kill the projectionist. The tommy gun will shine if you got it right
Meet the creator secret
In chapter 1 when you go to the ink machine you need to turn it on. When you find all the items to turn it on then pull the leaver and go into the boris room. It will have a wolf man with his stomach cut open. Then on the wall there will be a poster of him walk through there and you will see a man standing there and you character will say “what the heck is this?.”

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Horror Game

  100 word's

 in this game your objective is to find a way out from a forest and trying not to get killed. you have to escape by finding the city around the map. in this game their will be animatronics around the map (free roam mode.) their will be bear traps around the map that you have to avoid. if you get stuck in a bear trap then it makes noise if you make noise the animatronics will run to that bear trap. in this you can hide under a bed, on a tree, in a bush. to open a house door their will be codes hidden around the map.


Monday, 19 March 2018

wall worthy compition

this is my art work for the wall worthy competition i may not be competing in the wall worthy competition. my art style is pop art and its meant to say the gods are always watching i did this art work because i thought this is fun but it turned out to be really hard but i finally finished.


Friday, 1 December 2017


For our WIT we made origami Xmas trees and others. We made origami for kids in hospital and made a doc asking if it is suitable for the kids. We are putting Lolly pops in the Xmas trees and making them effective.  I have a group names: Mason S, Fokus, Luke. We are waiting for an email for our WIT to see if it’s ok with the hospital manager.

Friday, 20 October 2017

Mrs Trinder thinks i am... Mrs Cribb thinks i am...

Mrs Trinder thinks I am writing but really I am at an awesome party loudly singing happy birthday to a cute 1 year old…

Mrs Cribb thinks I am reading but really I am secretly playing hacked Call of mini zombies on my phone with all of the volume fully down...

Donna thinks I am listening but really I am running like a cheater to my friends house and having a play day…

Tracy thinks I am watching but really I am playing ROBLOX on my laptop at school…

Trish thinks I am doing maths but I am listening to music we’ll watching YouTube videos…

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

The invertebrates in frankley Bush

The invertebrates in frankley


We emailed a classroom to see what info they can understand. My WIT group was Cejay Me and Kaeylon we emailed Te kakano and asked what was suitable for them so they know what we are saying. We were going to make a box with pictures like worms eat.
We didn’t because they wanted it on a computer or laptop. We put links
On a doc with info of the picture that was on top of the links. I think that I worked well in my group because I was helping them in WIT time. Next WIT I will get more videos and links for my topic.

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

cross country training


                          cross country training 

      cross country training was little bit of fun but mostly BORING it was ok though and it was a tiering for me. I was sweating a little bit doing training. I mostly became last in trainig it was not that far from frankley school. We went from frankley to the seminary bench tracy-teacher ade was up the hill to see if people made it up the hill. I went up the hill with my friends-jaram-masonF-masonS-jae.
It was fun going up the hill with my friends and other people